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JefeDeDatos Protects Your Sensitive Files & Folders in Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many other cloud providers. JefeDeDatos combines the benefits of the most user friendly cloud storage services with the highest security standards available worldwide, in an Easy-to-Use, One-Click application, which is always under Your Control. Protect Your Data right on your device before transmitting it to the cloud. Never again worry who is collecting or reviewing the data you transmit. Sure, they can collect it, but with JefeDeDatos they cannot open it, view it or use it.

Take Control of Your Privacy & Confidentiality Right Now — You Are The Boss!

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Easy-to-Use — One-Click Data Protection — Affordable & Convenient

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Get JefeDeDatos Gold Now!

Easy-to-Use — One-Click Data Protection — Affordable & Convenient

World Class Data Protection

JefeDeDatos Protects your Sensitive Files and Folders before transmitting or storing them on your Hard Drive, USB, or favorite cloud storage provider like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and many others. JefeDeDatos combines the benefits and convenience of cloud storage services with our proprietary application which uses the highest security standards available worldwide. JefeDeDatos provides you a Data Security solution for true End-to-end Data Protection. Our application uses AES-256 bit, CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) cypher, coupled with PKCS#7 padding. JefeDeDatos allows you to Protect your data while it is under “Your Control” prior to transmission or storage. You decide what to Protect and Secure before it ever leaves your device. Most importantly, you NEVER share your Credentials with us, your Cloud or anyone else — True Data Protection — Free from Compromise.

User Friendly Application

JefeDeDatos has been designed and engineered from the ground up to be Easy-To-Use for every member of your family, from computer novices to experts alike. Installation takes only minutes, and you will have the option to install JefeDeDatos on any drive, including a USB for the ultimate in Data Security. Set-up your User ID and Password and you are ready to Protect & Secure your Data. It is that simple. JefeDeDatos gives you the option to store your protected documents, files, photos, videos, audio files…you get the idea…on your local drive, a USB or any Cloud. You decide what to Protect and where to Store your Data. With JefeDeDatos you never have to worry about your Confidential data on the Cloud again. Sure someone can see the file but without your Credentials they cannot open it, view it, or use it in any way. Data Security has a New Boss — You & JefeDeDatos — Perfect together.

Get JefeDeDatos Gold Now!

Easy-to-Use — One-Click Data Protection — Affordable & Convenient

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Compromised Data and ineffective data security implementations are affecting millions of users around the globe daily. Now, you do not have to be one of them. The Amazon and Yahoo compromises put at-risk over half a Billion people and their on-line identities and personal data. That is just what got reported. With JefeDeDatos, you in fact, become the ‘Boss of Your Data’.

Why You Need JefeDeDatos Now!

  • Identity Theft
  • Hacking for Profit
  • Cyber Ransom
  • Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Data Mining


Now is the Time to Take Back Control of Your Privacy & Confidentiality.

Protect Your Identity and Your Confidentiality from Cyber-eavesdropping, Data Mining and state sponsored intrusion by using JefeDeDatos before you store or transmit any file or folder on your hard drive, USB or in the Cloud.